[WWI] Friedrichshafen FF 43 question

Carlos Carreira cacarr1960 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 04:47:56 EDT 2013

On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 8:13 AM, Crawford Neil <Neil.Crawford at volvo.com>wrote:

>  Maybe the pilots complained the the wing trailing edge was fluttering,
> so they braced it a bit more? What I’d have done if I was a designer,
> luckily I’m not!****
> /Neil

Neil, I don't think so. Any reiforcement would make sence to be made at the
rear spar, where the cabanes attach. Moreover, looking at the second photo
attached, the "V" is curved as seen from the front and is clearly
"attached" to something more inner than the fuselage longeron.

Thanks anyway!

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