[WWI] Added:Rumpler C.I

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Thank you, Carlos! 

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A very good looking model! Congratulations! 


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Yay!  You're gonna make it, then.  Look forward to seeing you, buddy.  Thanks for the compliment.  Yes, she'll be there, along with a few others. 

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Hey Bud, 

What a great looking Rumpler!  Hope to see it in person this year up in Sac. 


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Agreed, really nice job Bud. 

Looks old! 



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I have always liked the Rumplers more 'archaic' look when compared with her contemporaries. And you have done an amazing job! I am going to read your build log with much interest when I get a chance. 


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   Bud Pearson sent in photos of his 
Rumpler C.I, 
See http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/PearsonBud/CP/index.html#RumplerCI 
or see news. 
WWI Web Admin 



Yours Sincerely 

Douglas Anderson 

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