[WWI] Diamond Dick.

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I think they should work well enough, you might need to patch up some decals as and when they break, just get them on as well as possible and fix the mistakes when they're dry. I might have to buy a Spad duo-combo for these:(

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Hi Neil - no I didn't know the decal set is on sale.  I just happened to be going through a binder full of decals and came across the sheet with Diamond Dick on it.  Coincidence, I guess.

I suspect that there are a couple of areas of concern when using the decals - 1) some the of curves of the SPAD might make alignment of the diamonds tricky and 2) matching the painted blue area on the vertical stab to the blue on the decal.  Otherwise, I think it should be do-able.

I checked Google and so far, I have seen NO photos of a SPAD model (in any scale) done up as Diamond Dick.  It makes me wonder why.

Patrick Cook

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Thats funny, I just added those to my pre-order for Telford, Hannants have them on sale, but I expect you know that!

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Has anyone here used the 1/72nd Starfighter decals to make the U.S. SPAD 13 called Diamond Dick?

If so, can you share a photo or two of the finished model and let me know how easy/hard the decal application process was?


Patrick Cook

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