[WWI] CDL or silver?

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I agree on the sunray Bristol. .. I did a two view profile of it in such a pattern last month and will post it when I am next on my laptop - I have to correct the side view still though as I did it with just red rays a weeke before I took a closer look and did the top view with the red and blue rays

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  Thank you very much for your replies. Steve, I had the same thoughts, but apparently aircraft were delivered in CDL, PC12 (or 10?) and silver. At least at the time of the Andes crossing the aircraft was in its original markings, I'm almost sure of that. I also think it was silver, so silver the model will be!

  Still on the subject of the M1, am I the only one to think that the aircraft depicted in the cover of the datafile should have the sun burst rays in the wings in red and blue, and not only in red? There's a photo inside that seems to show alternate different colours.


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    It's a risky business using B&W to decide colour, but the way the light comes off the rear fuselage seems all wrong for CDL or any plain colour . If it were my model, on the evidence of the photos I'd go with silver dope.

    Until I saw Bob's posting I wasn't aware that the finish was applied to other Bristols, but that strengthens my belief that this machine is in sliver.


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