[WWI] Popped into my local and got these

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Oct 10 13:13:46 EDT 2013

> I was in the area so popped into my local hobby shop and got these two!

Nice catch! The Camel must be the most readily available Naval Camel 
kit -apart from the Roden- Unfortunately it's not too accurate for today's 
standars, but I assure you that once built it DOES look like a Camel, if you 
can licve with a few odd lines here and there.
I never knew that the Airfix Pup came with ANZAC markings! I always saw it 
with any other guise except this one. It's a very nice kit, and if you can 
do something about the wing ribs, much the better.

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