[WWI] CDL or silver?

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Thu Oct 10 10:04:03 EDT 2013

My thoughts are that the aircraft would have been delivered to Chile in the
standard RFC finish, as they were part of the RFC order. i.e. PC10 or PC12
upper surfaces and whole of fuselage, CDL underside of wings.
>From the pictures I guess the wheel discs are PC 10 or 12, with a CDL or
white fin.

All this assumes the aircraft were sent straight from production/stores. If
they had been through a training squadron then they could end up any colour
of the rainbow.

On 09/10/2013 16:44, "Carlos Carreira" <cacarr1960 at gmail.com> wrote:

> What do you think?
> http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger2/921/1599/1600/BristolM.jpg
> This is the Bristol M.1C flown by Dagoberto Godoy across the Andes in Dec 12,
> 1918. According to the Datafile, the 12 Bristols sent to Chile were brand new
> and arrived by October, 1918. 
> The top fuselage is also painted, any clue about this?
> More photos and info of C4988:
> http://ivansiminic.blogspot.pt/2004/12/godoy-y-los-andes.html
> http://www.librosmaravillosos.com/lahistoriadelaaviacion/capitulo10.html
> Thanks!
> Carlos

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