[WWI] Ocio! Fiol D'una Can!

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I guessed it was some non-standard dialect because when I put it into Babelfish, I didn't find any translation that I could understand.

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Actually, it's in the Venetian dialect of Italian, rough translation, "Watch out! (you) son of a bitch."   The equivalent in Spanish, "Ojo!  Hijo de canalla (or, puta)

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Thanks. Does anyone have a copy of the referenced issue of Cross & Cockade that they could check for me?

Many thanks.

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 I'd take anything Lawson proclaims as fact with a grain of salt and then research it myself.    On 10/07/13, Michael Kendix<mkendix at hotmail.com> wrote: Wait, I found this from our very own Steve Lawson back in 2001.


"That comes from P.14 of the publication "Color Profiles of WWI Combat Planes" by Apsotalo & Bignozzi the English translation of the text done in 1974. The Nieuport N3363 was not a Maachi built machine. It was French built and assigned to the French Escadrille Nr. 561 flown by MdL (does not mean member of the Legion, it stands for Sargent) Eduard Corniglion - Molinier. *The machine was in French markings and served on the Italian front with its unit Esc.561 in defense of Venice. *See Cross & Cockade USA Vol.24 /#4 /P. 382 and Vol. 25 /#2 /P. 182 .
Ocio Fiol Dun can!"

Hmmm... is this correct, I wonder?

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Subject: [WWI] Ocio! Fiol D'una Can!

Or something like that is on an Abt decal set number 44. Is this anywhere near accurate and could one use the Eduard Nieuport 17 to make this presumably Macchi-produced Nieuport.
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