[WWI] Invisible thread: nylon vs. polyester

Kuk Emus kukemus at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 16:06:41 EDT 2013

I am considering using invisible thread for rigging and I've found out
there are two types: nylon and polyester. The latter seems to have better
reputation among sewers. According the the article below, "polyester thread
holds up well to UV light and higher temperatures than nylon, and some
believe it to be more pliable. It also does not become brittle or discolor
with age".


On the other hand, Fernando Torre in his article advises against polyester.
He says: "The line I use is a thin thread made of vinyl called invisible
thread you can buy this at anyplace where sewing supplies are sold ...do
not use polyester because in time it will unravel and look hairy and dusty!"
I am not sure, though, whether he means polyester monofilament (which I
wouldn't expect to unravel), or some kind of braided PE thread.


Considering the importance of the stuff for scale modelling, I found
surprisingly little information on the subject. Which of the two materials
is better for rigging, considering their appearance, durability and
reaction to superglue?

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