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Wed Oct 2 10:30:15 EDT 2013

Mike asked:                
 Anybody have a favorite "recipe" for anti-fouling red for
 ship bottoms?  Didn't see anything like that either on
 Scalehobbyist.com or
 Roll Models...
I bought a six-pack of ModelMaster Anti-fouling Red when the Marine Paints were discontinued, so that's what I've been using.  I don't use it much because I usually build 1/700 waterline kits, but I have a few full-hull large scale kits in the stash that I'm saving them for.  You may be able to find some on eBay.

Tamiya makes a Hull Red, but it is more appropriate for Imperial Japanese Navy hulls.  I mistakenly used it on a 1/2xx scale USS Oregon before learning that USN anti-fouling red was lighter and brighter.

Are you doing USN, IJN, Imperial German, 3rd Reich German, or Royal Navy ship?  I have a set of Snyder and Short chips for a few of these and they appear to be different shades of red.  If you can be more specific about which navy your ship belongs in, I can help you better.

White Ensign provides paints matched to the chips and Anti-fouling Red is available at Freetime Hobbies for Modern USN, IJN, Royal Navy and pre-1945 USN ships for $3.50 a tin.

No connection to any manufacturer or merchandiser other than being a satisfied customer.

Marc Flake

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