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  Sounds like you are really getting going on this project, Dave. I'm looking forward to the results!
   Just a note that not all these vehicles had the spares strapped to the roof, although that was the most common location. Have you picked out a specific car to represent yet?

   That is a wonderful photo, Diego. As usual, wreck photos show us the details we can't see elsewhere.

                                              J.R. Boye

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Thanks diego, that was me looking for the ambulance 
photos.  the one you attached is one that I have already located and shows 
to good detail the front and boxes built up around the drivers seat.  

I have started working on the Academy 1/16 scale 
1912 Model T Ford kit to build one similar to this, although not in such a state 
of disrepair.  A couple of problems and solutions for anyone else planning 
on such a conversion:
1.  The Academy kit has right hand drive, so 
the steering wheel and foot pedals are all in the wrong location for US and 
French machines.  I was able to convert the bottom of the engine by cutting 
off the steering gear, sectioning it and adding it to the other side.  then 
I had to fill in the hole in the engine left by cutting this part off.  I 
also had to cover the hole in the floor on the passengers side with sheet 
styrene, and cut out the hole for the steering shaft to go in the left side 
floor.  A new floor board was made from styrene, and I drilled the holes 
for the foot pedals and steering column in the reverse location as the kit piece 
2.  the Academy kit has knobby vinyl or rubber 
tires, although every photo I have seen of these trucks has smooth white or 
light gray tires.  Does anyone know of a source to get smooth tires?  
I'm wondering if some flying model aircraft tires may be the correct size for 
these, I will have to do further research.  I may have to make a resin 
casting of the kit tire, then sand it smooth and cast 6 copies, since there are 
the four on the wheels and also the two mounted on the top as spares.  

the good news is that the kit wheelbase scales out 
to 100" which is correct for the version that I am modeling.  One of the 
drawings that Karen had furnished had a 123" wheelbase, but I found out that 
that was the Model TT and not the frame used for the ambulances.  

Dave Calhoun
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I can't recall who was the listee who wanted to build a 
"canvas top" Ford t Ambulance, but today on Facebook someone posted this 
interesting image of a well worn and shaggy looking one. Wish I had this image 
when I made mine!. 
PS: Note that there are a few airplane struts in 
the background. Most possibly this would have been part of a museum 
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