[WWI] Hazet radiator in 1/48?

Stephen Cox steveoldglebe at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 13:04:27 EDT 2013

I did this in 72nd scale for a Joystick Ago. I scored some thin plastic
card, cut it into strips, then stuck them at an angle between two rods. IIRC
I used a fine saw blade to scratch the corrugations. Pretty simple to do and
looks good. 
There¹s one picture on my Great War SIG gallery at

On 29/08/2013 13:42, "Diego Fernetti" <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar> wrote:

> Hi John!
> I doubt that there is an aftermarket piece for this. I advice you to make them
> from scratch, as they are corrugated "prisms" mounted on two pipes which in
> turn are connected to the fuselage sides. If you can get a strip of paterned
> styrene (scoring it closely with a dull blade) you can get an acceptable
> effect of the surface.
> Here are a couple of drawings of the ungodly things:
> D. 
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>> Anyone know of any Hazet radiators available in 1/48th?   I need  them for my
>> FF-33 model.  Thanks,
>> John

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