[WWI] FW: Can you identify this aircraft?

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So... the message here is that if I ever see a beer called Heretic, don't bother?

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> Ditto on the Gladiatoresc.
> Since I am "Major Tom" I tried that brew about 2 years ago.  It had a
> different caricature airplane on the bottle then, and then too the brew was
> not all that pleasurable.
> MrT
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> Michael!
> > Perhaps  someone can identify this plane? It looks a little generic   
> > to me - no guns and nothing I recognize. Any ideas?
> To me, it looks like a poor rendering of a Gloster Gladiator, canopy  
> and markings "erased". The gun throughs are still there, at the  
> fuselage sides. The pilot looks like grafted from some other illo,  
> perhaps it's the brewer's portrait.
> D.
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