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>Anybody else find the Mexican Gee Bee character just plain dumb? 
Dumb as in not intelligent, or dumb as in "Why is the Gee Bee Mexican?" 
If the first, eh. He was more intelligent than the Shoestring racers Ned & Zed. 
If the 2nd, no dumber than a Canadian V-Tail King Air(?) or a Canard racer from India. 
As others informed(me at least), apparently the last Gee Bee ended up in Mexico. The only 'nationality' that really made any sense to me was the British DH-88. 
Fun movie.  
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You're really close on the "Jolly Wrenchers"/"Jolly Rancher" tie-in. There are always bowls of the latter at Pixar, so it's probably an in joke. Lynne has a wine trip and meet with Lasseter on 10/5 to go over a movie idea, I'll ask her to get his take on it. Many people laughing at the same flying puns in the showing we attended. Anybody else find the Mexican Gee Bee character just plain dumb? Or is it just my dislike for wrestling crap? 		 	   		  
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