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So how many times were you the only person in the theatre laughing? I had a few of those moments.
Been seeing the die-casts in the stores but I'm resisting the siren song. Don't know if I'll be able to resist the Zvezda Ripslinger should I see it in the shop, even at 1/100.
One thing I didn't understand was why they felt the need to call VF-17 the Jolly "Wrenchers".  For most of the movie I thought they were saying Jolly Rancher and figured it was a product placement thing. Wrencher made even less sense to me.
And Skipper's engine was very well done. Also liked the carbon fiber prop on Ripslinger. 
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Loved it! Fun and well researched. Steve Hinton was their chief consultant. Zvezda already has a half dozen 1/100 (!) kits out. Duster, Corsair, villain, Gee Bee and two others including one of the girls. Should have been 1/72. Many diecasts due. Tom   		 	   		  
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