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Did the Urals make a bass?  I've been trying to get that military truck sound for a long time now. 

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Once long ago in the USSR we built DIY electric guitars. In shops were on sale only  the "Ural" guitars  with which  it was possible only to cut the wood in Siberia as they sounded as an axe or as the military truck of the same name. Richie Blackmore refused to take "Ural" in hand when heard this sound ))) Decent Fender or Gibson was on sale at the price of the jetliner. However, I was engaged in electronics: amplifiers, sound pickups, effects pedal etc. With the body worked others.

2013/8/17 Diego Fernetti <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar>


There isn't a person on this list who doesn't have the skills to  build an electric guitar.

You may not have the wood working tools, or the desire, but you've  got he skill.

I can build a death-ray wielding killer robot, if I wanted.


just let that sink in.

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