[WWI] Tool trolley?

Nicklas, Brian NicklasB at si.edu
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Phss!  Your wife adores you - well most of the time...
And for your workspace - that is quite ideal.

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My wife will hate it! It's perfect!

I think that's what I want. They had something similar at the Container Store, a bit bigger, I think but it was $60. I will check the measurements with my desk because it would be nice if it slid underneath the desk top.

Thanks. And thanks for putting wheels on to show me what it is like.
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> Hi Michael-
> Emerging from deep lurk to see if I can help. You describe a contraption that I've been using for years. I've attached a couple of pics so you can see if it scratches your itch. First pic shows the whole assembly out in front of my work bench; second pic shows where I keep it. The framing under my table interferes just enough that I had to remove the wheels, but it's no matter to me since I don't have any reason to wheel it out. I snapped the wheels back in to get the pic for you. Here's a link to the current version of this item:
> http://www.irisusainc.com/p-732-mc-360-top.aspx
> Looks to be about $33 if you buy from the manufacturer, but you may find it cheaper if you shop around.
> FWIW, I discovered last night that the drawers are separate modules that can be removed (or more added) if you'd like to adjust the height and/or capacity of your setup.
> HTH-
> Ken A.
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> I'm trying to make things a bit more organized and easier to keep my stuff put away. Rather than use a collection of shoe-box sized plastic containers, dinner trays & such, I thought I'd try to find a too trolley that I could wheel under my desk. Anyone have such a thing or have any suggestions? Links to such with pictures would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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