[WWI] Tool trolley?

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Hi Michael-

Emerging from deep lurk to see if I can help.  You describe a contraption that I've been using for years.  I've attached a couple of pics so you can see if it scratches your itch.  First pic shows the whole assembly out in front of my work bench; second pic shows where I keep it.  The framing under my table interferes just enough that I had to remove the wheels, but it's no matter to me since I don't have any reason to wheel it out.  I snapped the wheels back in to get the pic for you.  Here's a link to the current version of this item:


Looks to be about $33 if you buy from the manufacturer, but you may find it cheaper if you shop around.

FWIW, I discovered last night that the drawers are separate modules that can be removed (or more added) if you'd like to adjust the height and/or capacity of your setup.

Ken A.

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I'm trying to make things a bit more organized and easier to keep my  stuff put away. Rather than use a collection of shoe-box sized plastic containers, dinner trays & such, I thought I'd try to find a too trolley that I could wheel under my desk. Anyone have such a thing or have any suggestions? Links to such with pictures would be helpful.


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