[WWI] Looking for info on early Model T Ambulances

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      Just one other color note, Dave:
     Staring at the photos for hours convinced me that the interior of the rear body, plus the top support structure, was typically painted white. This only makes sense.
      Also, pretty soon after the first few cars were in service, an upper level of stretcher shelves was added, which could be folded up out of the way. This shows that the support structure was fairly substantial.

       I never saw a photo of the tent-body Ford that Diego sent. That looks pretty makeshift, more like a field modification.
       The style of the canvas tops varied quite a bit, depending on the outfitter. As always, find one specific car and go with that.
        And read the text of "Friends of France". It is very inspiring and great motivation to build a model to honor the service of this spirited group of young men, most of whom left behind a privileged college life to show mercy to the wounded.
       I also I'm really looking forward to seeing your completed car! Should be stunning in 1/16th.

                                                          J.R. Boye

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Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 17:04:23 -0400
Subject: Re: [WWI] Looking for info on early Model T Ambulances

Thanks guys for posting the links for Ford Times 
and Friends of France.  These will be useful for my project, which will be 
in a much larger scale. a client of mine got me two of the Academy 1/16 scale 
model T Ford kits, so I will use basically the frame, suspension, hood & 
radiator, and a few other details, scratchbuilding most of the rest.  J.R. 
your completed model looks nice and I will probably go with that for colors and 

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