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Thanks guys for posting the links for Ford Times and Friends of France.  These will be useful for my project, which will be in a much larger scale. a client of mine got me two of the Academy 1/16 scale model T Ford kits, so I will use basically the frame, suspension, hood & radiator, and a few other details, scratchbuilding most of the rest.  J.R. your completed model looks nice and I will probably go with that for colors and markings.  

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That is so cool that you can see "Friends of France" online. This is a great link.
Now I don't feel so guilty about having a copy- well, maybe still a little guilty because mine has that 100-year-old book smell and the fold-out appeal for more young men to volunteer for the Ambulance Service attached inside the rear cover (which I notice is missing from the UC Berkeley copy- rowdy students!)

Thanks for the compliment on the model. I also started with an RPM kit, the majority of which went unused.
The photo of the car I built the model of is shown in the photo after page 12. It is an early car with no windows in the canvas cover. From what I understand, windows needed to be added so that nervous patients would not rush to the rear to see what an alarming noise was, their weight thus lifting the front wheels off the ground!
The one I modeled is also built on a 1914 chassis- later cars, as represented by the RPM model, had different hood, dash board, radiator and lighting details. Although I did use pieces of the Part PE kit, I ended up modifying almost everything along with scratch-building the body for this early car. I found that going to Model T sites and studying details of the different year models up close was a big help.
As 1916 wore on, the cars became much more standardised, and Ford in England began building the bodies in their factory. The bodies were also longer, so that the tail gate did not need to have canvas pockets to accommodate the stretcher handles. I'm guessing that the dimensions of the packing crate had something to do with the length of the body, or possibly the desire to minimize the weight behind the rear axle. Later cars seem to have the body positioned better on the chassis.

I also noticed the gun car Model T pictured in the Ford Times. I have another RPM kit set aside for that when I get the enthusiasm surge again. I look forward to seeing what you do with this kit.


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> On 08/04/2013 07:59 AM, J.R. Boye wrote:
> > Hi Dave!
> >
> > Here is the link Stephen Cox was mentioning:
> >
> > http://www.mtfca.com/books/ford_times.htm
> Thanks for providing that link!
> >
> > I got much of the information for my model from a book published
> > in 1916 called "Friends of France, The Field Service of the American
> > Ambulance, Described by its Members". There a number great photos in
> > this volume, one of which I used to base my model upon.
> And this book is available online from
> http://archive.org/details/friendsoffrancef00andrrich
> >
> > If you can't find I copy of this book (I bought mine at a used
> > book sale at my school when I was 13), let me know and I am sure we can
> > work something out.
> > Color information was pretty scarce on these vehicles. The Ford
> > times "color" pictures along with reference by a driver's account of the
> > "grey canvas" led me to an overall grey scheme:
> >
> > http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/BoyeJ/Armour/index.html
> Nicely done!
> I've got the RPM ambulance in my stash, that I plan on doing in markings 
> from the Polish-Bolshevik War.
> -- 
> dnl
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