[WWI] The Sleepwalkers – How Europe went to war in 1914

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 I also recommend "The Sleepwalkers" - the focus is largely on Slav/Austrian relations and friction, and sheds a new light on the less than honorable intentions of both sides of the local conflict that led to the major conflict.

    Don't forget the other classic by Tuchman, John, "The Zimmermann Telegram"- yet another layer to your sandwich!

                                            J.R. Boye

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Subject: [WWI] The Sleepwalkers – How Europe went to war in 1914

Coming out of lurk, but not with a model, but getting my Centennial reading 
program started ....
I have gotten a year ahead, but I just finished Christopher Clark’s “The 
Sleepwalkers – How Europe went to war in 1914”, Harper Collins 2013 (1st by 
Allen Lane imprint of Penguin 2012), ISBN: 978-0-06-114665-7.
FWIW, highly recommended both for readability and for approach – describing 
How not Why eliminates blame, agendas, fans, and apologists.  
As I ramp up my Great War reading program for the next 4-5 years, I think I 
will do this one again, sandwiched between a re-read of Barbara Tuchman’s “The 
Proud Tower” and “The Guns of August”.  Too many books to read them all, so 
after that I think I will focus only on the ones in my stash/library I have not 
read before.
And I am collecting a number of kits -- land, sea, air -- for the occasion 
John R 		 	   		  
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