[WWI] The Sleepwalkers – How Europe went to war in 1914

John Ratzenberger JohnRatzenberger at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 4 19:24:52 EDT 2013

Coming out of lurk, but not with a model, but getting my Centennial reading program started ....

I have gotten a year ahead, but I just finished Christopher Clark’s “The Sleepwalkers – How Europe went to war in 1914”, Harper Collins 2013 (1st by Allen Lane imprint of Penguin 2012), ISBN: 978-0-06-114665-7.

FWIW, highly recommended both for readability and for approach – describing How not Why eliminates blame, agendas, fans, and apologists.  

As I ramp up my Great War reading program for the next 4-5 years, I think I will do this one again, sandwiched between a re-read of Barbara Tuchman’s “The Proud Tower” and “The Guns of August”.  Too many books to read them all, so after that I think I will focus only on the ones in my stash/library I have not read before.

And I am collecting a number of kits -- land, sea, air -- for the occasion ....

John R
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