[WWI] Looking for info on early Model T Ambulances

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 Hi Dave!

      Here is the link Stephen Cox was mentioning:


      I got much of the information for my model from a book published in 1916 called "Friends of France, The Field Service of the American Ambulance, Described by its Members". There a number great photos in this volume, one of which I used to base my model upon.

      If you can't find I copy of this book (I bought mine at a used book sale at my school when I was 13), let me know and I am sure we can work something out.
      Color information was pretty scarce on these vehicles. The Ford times "color" pictures along with reference by a driver's account of the "grey canvas" led me to an overall grey scheme:


     Another thing to remember is that each ambulance body was built by hand from the chassis shipping crate, and there is a great variety of detail differences between each vehicle. Later vehicles had more refinements.
      I'm not sure when the bodies became factory-built and standardised with full-height sides, but it seems like this wasn't until 1917. Before that, all ambulances seem to have low-sided bodies and full canvas covers.

                                                                              J.R. Boye


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Subject: [WWI] Looking for info on early Model T Ambulances

Looking for photos or drawings of the 1915-1916 
model T Ford ambulances, I remember about a year ago someone on the list posted 
a link to an old booklet done by Ford? showing various ambulances in it.  
if anyone has the link to this or knows any available books that may have 
drawings of these let me know.  We are interested in the ones with the 
fabric sides more than the later wooden box side type.
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