[WWI] Houston?

Joseph Pezold pezo8481 at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 31 23:55:43 EDT 2012


      I'm not sure what hobby shops are around anymore in the Houston area, but 
why don't you go look up Dr. Merrill of AMERICAL/GRYPHON fame.  He used to live 
by the University of Houston on Varsity Lane.  Perhaps he may have some "secret 
stash" left over!  Just sayin'....  ;^)


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Off to Houston in the morning for a quick visit.
Any decent Hobby Shops?
I seem to recall one I stopped at maybe ten years ago that was mainly plastic 
models is gone.
I'll be with my sweetie in Friendswood. 
(I think Saturday will be all day at the Texas Renaissance Faire...)
- Brian
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