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Are you going to add the turnbuckles?
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        Motivated myself to tackle the rigging on the 1/700 HMAS Australia.  After gathering all my tools and setting up the kit instructions for the rigging diagram, I began by coloring the .003 tippet line with a black marker.

        Then I measured out the halyards (8), and glued one end to the rear of the bridge platform.  I tried to evenly space them and have the natural curve of the tippet line to hang over the top of the yard.  Next, I placed a micro-puddle on the far end of the yard, then lay the halyard onto the puddle.  I should note that I work from the inside out when setting the bottom of the halyards, then from the outside in when attaching them to the yardarm.

        The halyards were tightened with the smoke from a smoldering fireworks punk (you can also use the smoke from a match that has just been blown out).  I took of picture of this, but it was out-of-focus, so I'll try to illustrate it later in the process.

        I reinforced the halyards with a micro-touch of glue at the tops and bottoms,  When the glue dried, I used a flush-cut sprue cutter to trim the halyards on the yardarm.

        Next up. the yardarm braces.

        Marc Flake
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