[WWI] Did the earth move for you

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Yes, raining steadily now (7:13 AM EDT) here in the DC-Maryland suburbs but intensifying throughout the day, apparently. We are almost certain to lose electricity when the wind gets stronger - most of the power lines around my neighborhood are over-ground. We may have to stay with the in-laws who live in downtown DC - their cables are buried under ground.

Federal government's closed  though our building's always open, regardless, But there's no Metro Rail so I can't get in anyhow.

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Bob says

 >we came through 
very lucky on this one after seeing how others have fared in recent 

Great. Had a few moments of worrying, then figured things were likely to be okay since it dropped out of the news very quickly in favour of the East coast.

'm glad things are okay - hope that the easterners are as fortunate


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