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Not much to add here, but for a British type with the white letter Palmer chord aero tyre lettering, I would go with a dark gray (either German Panzer gray or US Gunship Gray from the Model Master line), that will give a suitably dark tyre while also giving a high contrast to the white letters if there is a decal for these.  A true black would be too dark, especially since the smaller the scale the lighter the color should be.  British tyres usually appear pretty dark in photos, while the French and German ones usually appear lighter, I use a medium gray for French and a light or medium gray for German ones.
Subject: [WWI] DH.2 Tire Color

Hello Listees,

I'm in the process of researching some colors for a DH.2 for my father and I've run into something I didn't expect. Wingnut Wings is showing the tires on both of their DH.2 kits as black. I thought the whole black rubber tire thing was a post-war creation? I know WW isn't infallible, but this would seem a rookie mistake if I'm properly informed. Can anyone shed some light on this? I've looked at pictures in the Windsock Datafile, and the tires DO look pretty dark. 


Matt K.
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