[WWI] Pink weapons

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During WWII some P-40's painted tan turned pinkish from the sun. If I 
remember correctly they were stationed in Alaska.


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  >Never heard of a pink fighter though.<

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> I've seen a sample of some real rubber off of a tree and and it's kind 
> of whitish. Maybe in comes in flavors. Personally, I've always thought 
> war was the enemy of the art. I have to try a little to say good 
> things about the German war efforts in the 20th century, but compared 
> to their enemies they were keen on some nice camo - you gents would 
> know what well enough. Never heard of a pink fighter though. That 
> said, when Louis Mountbatten was serving in the Med he convinced the 
> Royal Navy to experiment with pink camo on destroyers and other light 
> vessels. The idea was not met with universal approval but some whiz 
> types thought it was better than the elaborate "dazzle" schemes that 
> would drive any ship modeler nuts. Eric
> Eric Bergerud, Albany CA
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