[WWI] DH.2 Tire Color

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  I have always tended toward the pink/tan color. Provides an interesting color contrast.

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  I remember  seeing pink rubber tires on things like tricycles, baby carriages and shopping carts when I was a child. I beleive that this is the natural colour of the rubber. It would not be surprising if at least some of the tires were that colour.


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    Any sort of gray should be fine as long as you avoid white and coal black, even pink  is possible as seen on this picture of Danish B&S from 1911.

    Knut Erik

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      Since nobodies answered, I’d suggest you paint them any shade of grey-black that you fancy. 

      There are no rules for tyre colour.


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      Hello Listees,

      I'm in the process of researching some colors for a DH.2 for my father and I've run into something I didn't expect.  Wingnut Wings is showing the tires on both of their DH.2 kits as black.  I thought the whole black rubber tire thing was a post-war creation?  I know WW isn't infallible, but this would seem a rookie mistake if I'm properly informed.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  I've looked at pictures in the Windsock Datafile, and the tires DO look pretty dark. 


      Matt K.


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