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Very nice work, Eric!
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> Thanks for the kind words on Oregon. It was an odd build. The kit was
> originally put out I think by Ideal in the mid-50s with a motor.
> Somewhere along the line Glencoe got hold of it. Anyway, the original
> kit was a pretty crude affair and if done full hull it looked very
> tubby. I figured it was a historic vessel and that some PE would make
> for a passable model. I was wrong. Below is another build with the
> kit unaltered and full hull. In many ways the build is very nice
> (excellent rigging) but I didn't think it would look like a warship.
> There was another problem. The original designers decided the ship
> would be easier to cast if the superstructure was greatly simplified
> and given a deck that did not in reality exist. Another photo shows a
> pic from a wonderful Oregon build on Armorama in 2008 by Marcos Serra
> (panzerserra) that illustrates the problem and indicates a solution.
> So, off the bat, I decided to cut the ship in half to make it
> waterline (there was very thick plastic but fortunately soft) and
> then dissect the superstructure. You can see build photos of my hull
> version and superstructure surgery. These two steps added at least
> two months to the build. I had also decided that the ship needed some
> armor style heavy weather. I think the photos of Oregon after the
> battle illustrate that the ship (as armor fanatics would now put it)
> was very "distressed." A 14,000 mile journey, two months of blockade
> and a full-bore race with a Spanish warship will do that. Wartime US
> paint of that era was "slate" or "battleship gray." I bought some WEM
> enamel to use as a paint chip and made a very good copy with Vallejo
> Model Color. There are three different progressively lighter base
> coats interspersed by salt fading. I used Golden unbleached white,
> buff and buff/ochre to paint the deck and melded the color with a
> very interesting paint called Iwata Art Com which is favored by some
> railroad modelers. It's acrylic but has a consistency almost like a
> pigment. I will be putting this stuff through its paces much more
> seriously on armor. So there's a build pic showing the new hull, new
> superstructure and fading. And a couple more of the finished ship.
> Might add that the rigging was very simple in the days after sail and
> before wireless. Oregon was also carrying a very small number of
> boats as the Army was using their big ones to help out with bungled 
> logistics.
> Eric
> Eric Bergerud, Albany CA 

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