[WWI] DH.2 Tire Color

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Oct 25 18:31:41 EDT 2012

> D says
>> There are no rules for tyre colour. Nonsense.

Erreur! Neil said that. And he's a disgrace. on the other hand, Sweden  
is, as everybody knows, a wonderful country.
I suspect he stated that there's no rules for tyre colour just to  
tickle us. Sneaky Englander.

>  1. Tyres shall not
>> be yellow polka dots on chartreuse background.

Can you positively show that NO tyres were thus coloured?

> 2. Tires may be red
>> and white stripes with blue bits and white stars, but only on AEF  aircraft

Or may be not. The stripes could be white and red instead of red and  
white, the exact opposite.

> 3. Pneus de l'avion shall not be closely examined for
>> colour, especially by fat Australians lying on the groundetc.

You are a disgrace as well.

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