[WWI] DH.2 Tire Color

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
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Not to mention the correct type of miniature Poaceae plants tangled in the 
wheel spokes and the tailskid, and depending the time frame, the correct 
flowering stage.

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It's the Somme that's chalk, Flanders is more mud. This does raise the bar 
though, not only should
you have the correct shade of black depending on which batch of rubber the 
tyres are made of.
You also need a good insight into the geology of the area!

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Diego, you are onto something here. I think the tyre color is probably more 
dependent on the location of the aerodrome than the manufacturer. I recall 
reading something on trench warfare and they mentioned the difference in the 
color of the mud on the Somme vs that in Flanders. So tyre color is likely 
specific to squadron(s) at specific time frames corresponding to where they 
were based. If nothing else, it makes a great come-back if one of the Color 
Police gives you a hard time :-)


On 10/25/2012 4:36 AM, Diego Fernetti wrote:
I actually looked in my old DH2 datafile and other refs about this. It seems 
like the DH2 used Palmer Cord tyres as other British airplanes of the era. 
These were made in a darker shade than German tyres (for instance) or 
pre-war British airplanes. Maybe they actually added some carbon to the 
rubber mix, as the white trademark lettering is clearly readable over the 
darker surround. Take into account, however, that tyres in wartime seem to 
acquire the soil colour as soon as they left the factory, perhaps due to the 
least-than-manicured-lawn of aerodromes.
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Since nobodies answered, I'd suggest you paint them any shade of grey-black 
that you fancy.
There are no rules for tyre colour.

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Hello Listees,

I'm in the process of researching some colors for a DH.2 for my father and 
I've run into something I didn't expect.  Wingnut Wings is showing the tires 
on both of their DH.2 kits as black.  I thought the whole black rubber tire 
thing was a post-war creation?  I know WW isn't infallible, but this would 
seem a rookie mistake if I'm properly informed.  Can anyone shed some light 
on this?  I've looked at pictures in the Windsock Datafile, and the tires DO 
look pretty dark.

Matt K.

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