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Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Tue Oct 23 23:16:52 EDT 2012


Very nice build, congrats !!!

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Le 24/10/2012 02:10, Eric Bergerud a écrit :
> This doesn't quite make the WWI deadline but attached are photos of 
> the USS Oregon within hours of finishing the Battle of Santiago in 
> July 1898 and one of the model I made out of a heavy modified 1/225 
> Glencoe version of the ship. The model is heavily weathered but I 
> think the photo indicates this to be valid. Oregon was in San 
> Francisco as relations soured with Spain and sailed in March. It made 
> a 14,000 mile voyage around the Horn (almost sinking once) and went 
> immediately to blockade duty upon arrival in Florida in May. Add it 
> all together, she was at sea for a very long time -  longer than most 
> of the marathon missions given to USN vessels in 1944. Anyway, that's 
> a lot of coal dust and a lot of salt. As the armor guys would say, I'd 
> describe Oregon in the photo as showing "distress." BTW: there are 
> very few boats on the ship. During the battle Oregon towed the boats 
> it had to avoid splinters (or so a wise head on Ship Modeler said) and 
> had delegated the larger ones to Army supply duties which really makes 
> sense. In the post sail but pre-wireless era there was pretty sparse 
> rigging. Also slipped in an incredible photo of the Oregon's crew 
> watching its main battery find the range of Cristabol Colon, the only 
> Spanish ship with a reasonable
> Eric Bergerud, Albany CA
> Eric Bergerud, Albany CA 

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