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Gorgeous model and very cool history, Eric.  Thanks for posting. 



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This doesn't quite make the WWI deadline but attached are photos of 
the USS Oregon within hours of finishing the Battle of Santiago in 
July 1898 and one of the model I made out of a heavy modified 1/225 
Glencoe version of the ship. The model is heavily weathered but I 
think the photo indicates this to be valid. Oregon was in San 
Francisco as relations soured with Spain and sailed in March. It made 
a 14,000 mile voyage around the Horn (almost sinking once) and went 
immediately to blockade duty upon arrival in Florida in May. Add it 
all together, she was at sea for a very long time -  longer than most 
of the marathon missions given to USN vessels in 1944. Anyway, that's 
a lot of coal dust and a lot of salt. As the armor guys would say, 
I'd describe Oregon in the photo as showing "distress." BTW: there 
are very few boats on the ship. During the battle Oregon towed the 
boats it had to avoid splinters (or so a wise head on Ship Modeler 
said) and had delegated the larger ones to Army supply duties which 
really makes sense. In the post sail but pre-wireless era there was 
pretty sparse rigging. Also slipped in an incredible photo of the 
Oregon's crew watching its main battery find the range of Cristabol 
Colon, the only Spanish ship with a reasonable 

Eric Bergerud , Albany CA 

Eric Bergerud , Albany CA  
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