[WWI] cdl monoplanes wasRe: In my grubby paws

Robert Karr karrart at karrart.com
Mon Oct 22 20:16:45 EDT 2012

<<I guess when they stripped the fabric off of E210/15, no one thought to 
a piece or two.


I've often wondered if any trace of any liquid substances might have soaked 
through and survived, embedded in the wood of this airplane. C&C GB v12 n1 
1981 had a large feature on 210/16 and quoting from that "No details of the 
Fokker's colour scheme were recorded".
It makes me wonder if Nowarra and other old timers might have had it right 
50+years ago when they wrote about some form of green, if not perhaps the 
same shade on Knut's photos of that repro!

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