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What I was wondering was whether or not a scrap was kept in some dusty file
in the museum's collections.


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The E.III in Londons Science Museum is completely stripped of fabric.

It is possible that the report made at capture/testing has information on


I have been able to visit a number of German aircraft museums, the Luftwaffe
museum outside Berlin has a replica Fokker E.III on display.

It is finished in "resedagrun" (sorry, I do not have an English translation
for it)


This colour is similar to the one used in Osprey book illustrations.


Two pictures attached, I have resized them so they are less than 200kB in




Knut Erik



On 23 October 2012 00:05, Robert Karr <karrart at karrart.com> wrote:

I guess I'll pipe in on CDL for Fokker monoplanes. For years I've doubted
that they were finished thusly. Just now going through the old E.III, E.I/II
and E.IV Datafiles, not a single photo shows anything that reveals any
structure underneath the fabric.(except the goofy celon covered thingy!).
Ribs sometimes show up but that's because the tiny half-round battens that
hold the fabric down are being highlighted- but no spars or other internal
shadow casting doodads.. Two- possibly two photos show what might be a spar
shadow coming from within. Even if the fabric itself was dyed a pure black,
something would show through. German fabric was rather flimsy with a low
thread count- light would show through. The Fokker photos look nothing like
other CDL airpanes. There's a couple of photos floatin' around that have
both Pfalz and Fokker monoplanes and the Fokkers are way darker, with no
translucence whatsoever. The CDL thing must've gotten started decades when
there was no other solution to the problem, so somebody just gave up and
said "OK, crap- it's CDL".
As to what color(s) might have been used- not a clue!
RK....two Datafile covers in the oven right now.


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