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Hi Doug,
Both references mentioned are good, the Mushroom book better for modelers since it has several profiles that are helpful.  The Flight of Eagles is a good history book, with a few grainy black and white photos but no good closeups of the aircraft. Another book that was useful to me when doing my Albatros D.III Oef in Kosciuszko Squadron markings was all in Polish but has lots of detailed drawings and nice color profiles.  the title is:

Not sure what that says but that is the title, author is Tomasz Goworek. It has chapters on the Albatros D.III (Oef), Ansaldo Balilla, Fokker D. VII and SPAD VII and XIII.  Worth getting if you can find it.

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> Hi Doug,
> Mushroom Model Publications did a nice book on the subject. ISBN
> 83-917178-6-0. Copyright 2005
> by Stratus publishing. It is in their Blue Series, No.1704. Authored by
> Tomasz J. Kopanski and Zygmunt Kozak.
> The 80 pages include plenty of color profiles as well as a nice selection
> of photos and plenty of text.
> Amazon shows a version with a Camel on the cover as well...which may be
> the electronic version.
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