[WWI] 2013 Over the Front Convention

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I plan on going. Just need to finalize the dates so we can plan our vacation to coincide with things. In addition to the seminar, a trip to Disney, Lego land and and Nickelodeon to be slimed are planned.
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                Looks like the decision has been made.  Instead of the usual biennial conference there will be two in two consecutive years.  In March of next year we'll be gathering at the Fantasy of Flight venue in Florida.  No dates or other details available yet.  Then, in 2014, we're going to Dayton to the Air Force Museum for the first of an undoubted plethora of WWI aviation centennial get-togethers.

                Anyone interested?  There MAY be another modeling contest at one or both of the venues as well as the usual historical presentations, side trips to museum venues, and the like.  If a contest, here's an easy way for our Master Modelers to pick up a WNW kit as a prize!  If anyone is thinking about going, please reply, even if offline.  I'd like to give our president, J.R. Williams, a head's up on non-member attendance and maybe even new member interest!

                Hell, Diego, Florida in 2013 is even close enough for YOU!


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