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Thanks Mike, I printed these out, and archived them in my Fokker folder, for future use on my 1/72 version, most of it
will apply to that too. And I'll be getting vol 2 of the compendium.

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                Lovely, Dennis, per usual.  Looking forward to seeing you in December.  But to the Eindecker genre...
                Listees, if you're planning on building the WNW Eindecker or even the Eduard kits, you really should consider purchasing the new two-volume Windsock Compendium on the Eindeckers.  Magnificent!  And unlike other Datafile Specials, these two volumes are entirely about the aircraft and its variants; nothing in the text is about operational issues.
                The photos in the two volumes are wonderful.  There is essentially no question that you could ask about building these guys that isn't in there.  Well, OK, Shane, the author does NOT describe the warp and weft of the covering...   ;-)  But if you're interested in building the 1/48 Eduard "die erste Kanonen" dual kit, one E.II and one E.III, the text and photos will quickly identify every change that you have to make to "backdate" the kit, which is an E.III, to become an E.II.
                I thoroughly enjoyed this read, then spent a couple of hours making notes on issues that could be addressed in building the Eduard kit.  EIYDWI ("even if you don't want it") , I'm attaching those notes, which you can make use of at your leisure if and when you buy the two volumes, which I obviously highly recommend.
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