[WWI] Eindecker

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Mon Oct 8 22:03:49 EDT 2012

    Pretty as a picture, Dennis! 

      I'll be thinking of y'all on December 8. Actually, thinking about Elk Grove today, because we have had cold, drizzly weather here over the weekend.

      I don't know about everyone else, but I always love rainy, cold days- the perfect excuse to stay inside and work on models, with no one suggesting that it is so "nice outside, so how can you not want to get out and enjoy it?"

       Perfect day for modeling: Day off from work, no obligations, rainy, cold day, warm beverage, all supplies at hand.
        Where Dennis and I live now (California's Central Valley and Eastern Texas, respectively), summers are so miserable that they work almost as well as stormy days.

                                                                J.R. Boye
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Cool!  I look forward to seeing it.

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Hey Bud, I'll do my best to be there.  I have a Pfalz DXII to bring along.


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