[WWI] HMAS Australia - final assembly

Shane and Lorna Jenkins sljenkins at tac.com.au
Mon Oct 8 11:27:13 EDT 2012

  Looking good Marc ;-)


On 8/10/2012 8:42 AM, marc flake wrote:
> Here are a couple of shots showing all the parts in place.  I only had 
> one problem with the model.  I don't know if it was a lack of 
> imagination on my part or a faulty design by Combrig.  There are two 
> boat cranes on either side of the mid-ships funnel.  When I placed the 
> posts in the locating holes, I didn't have room for the boats assigned 
> to that position.  Therefore, I took out the posts, added the boats, 
> then found room for the posts.
> Also, I failed to describe how I made the blast bags on the guns.  For 
> some reason, manufacturers leave off the blast bags, which appear on 
> almost every ship's main guns.  That means the modeler has to make his 
> own.  I use Alene's Sticky Glue, which is a viscuous white glue.  I 
> let it partially dry, then use a small tube to push the glue back down 
> the barrel to effect the folds of a blast bag.  One more note, I 
> painted over the light gray on the blast bags with the same gray as 
> the rest of the ship.  I just couldn't find an example of light gray 
> blast bags on HMAS Australia.
> My next task is rigging.
> Marc Flake

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