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Nice one, Dennis. Let Tech Support know I like the new format. Will you be able to make it to Elk Grove this year? It'll be on Dec.8. 

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Here is my first kit for myself in two months. This is the bagged 
Eduard kit and I built it just to knock something out for myself. Two 
months is a long time in speed builder months. That's at least seven or 
eight models in real time. 

Tech Support is working to get the web site remodeled. The project is 
taking far longer that either of us anticipated. I don't think it will 
be completed until late this year or early next. That's one of the 
reasons I slowed down my building. Each model I build adds to the 
remodel time. Ah, caught between the rock and a hard place. 


Dennis Ugulano 
"Each modeler will rise to their own level of masochisim." 
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