[WWI] HMAS Australia - final assembly

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Mon Oct 8 09:11:54 EDT 2012

J.R. wrote: "I wonder if that would work for 1/350 or if maybe putty would be better."
I don't know.  However, it would be easier to clean up a white glue fail than it would a putty fail.
Also: "Are you sure you got the right boats in the positions you mentioned? I have seen kit instructions have errors like that. "
No, I'm not sure.  As you can imagine, there weren't a whole lot of overhead pictures taken of her over the years.  The builders model in Backers "Grand Fleet Battlecruisers" has boats that are similar to the kit boats in similar locations.
And: "The ships have much more- and more than the average airplane model."
I don't do double flying wires on SPADS and SE 5's in 1/72 scale and I don't do ALL the rigging that these ships had in real life in 1/700.  Frankly, the line I use (.003 diameter) is out of scale anyway.  I just try for an approximate representation.  In reality, the rigging would be so thin that it would be almost invisible.
I'll have more on my rigging theory with my next in-progress post.
Marc Flake

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