[WWI] HMAS Australia - final assembly

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   That is really coming along, Marc. Thanks for sharing your technique on making the gun bags. I wonder if that would work for 1/350 or if maybe putty would be better. You are probably right on the color, because everything tends to get painted on ships. But as we know, the same color will have a different look on various materials and reflect differently in photos as well.

     Are you sure you got the right boats in the positions you mentioned? I have seen kit instructions have errors like that.  

      When I first started in on building a submarine model, I was amazed at how much rigging the thing had. The ships have much more- and more than the average airplane model. No escape from rigging in this era- even some of the vehicles have it.

     So good to see something other than aircraft appear now and then. I love the planes, but vehicles, vessels and figures are always a nice change of pace.

                                                            J.R. Boye

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Here are a couple of shots showing all the parts in place.  I only had one problem with the model.  I don't know if it was a lack of imagination on my part or a faulty design by Combrig.  There are two boat cranes on either side of the mid-ships funnel.  When I placed the posts in the locating holes, I didn't have room for the boats assigned to that position.  Therefore, I took out the posts, added the boats, then found room for the posts.
Also, I failed to describe how I made the blast bags on the guns.  For some reason, manufacturers leave off the blast bags, which appear on almost every ship's main guns.  That means the modeler has to make his own.  I use Alene's Sticky Glue, which is a viscuous white glue.  I let it partially dry, then use a small tube to push the glue back down the barrel to effect the folds of a blast bag.  One more note, I painted over the light gray on the blast bags with the same gray as the rest of the ship.  I just couldn't find an example of light gray blast bags on HMAS Australia.
My next task is rigging.
Marc Flake
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