[WWI] Revell OT Kit

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 7 08:51:27 EDT 2012

Oops. I should read ahead.

BTW, the Revell Edelweis boxing has been available in Australia for a year, 
maybe more, at a price equal to the Eduard kit but without any etched parts. 
Ditto the Revell reboxed  Triplane which has been available even longer. As 
far as I'm concerned they can stay on the shelves but in Europe IIRC they're 
a better deal.

    Longer than that, 'cos I got around to building mine about that long 
ago. And yes, I used the Pheon corrected legs, and their wheels too. Revell 
also reboxed the Eduard Fokker DrI and Spad XIII. Varied from 12 to 15 Euros 
according to shop. Eduard Weekend editions cost about the same here.


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