[WWI] A couple of questions

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 7 03:09:50 EDT 2012


   Just a final note on the Flashback Voisin, Tom. A number of outline 
corrections are needed to make the kit parts match published drawings (for 
mine I used the drawing in "French Aircraft of the First World War") I ended 
up making new tail surfaces on mine and modifying the wings.

                                                                J.R. Boye<

    Reviewed by Harry Woodman in Windsock when the kit was released, he 
included plans to show what needed changing. By his standards he was fairly 
positive about the kit, the most scathing comments being for the exagerrated 
wing rib structure, and the aforementioned outline problems. Still looks 
fine built OOB. Mine stalled halfway through the corrections when I realised 
there's no way it would survive removal to Scotland. Takes up much less 
space as a kit rather than as a model......... Anyway, this discussion 
reawakened my interest so it'll be at the top of the pile once the dust 


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