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I remember that Americal Gryphon had the Palmer chord tire logos on their 56 squadron sheets in 1/48 scale. I have not used them so do not know how they look, and unfortunately they are no longer available.  Maybe Pheon has done some of these?  I know he had been talking about doing various stencils and logos but not sure what ever came of that...

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Hello Lynn and welcome to the group. I'm not exactly sure, but I don't 
think there are any decals for the DH 4 tires or any others for that matter. 
Of course I might be wrong which I frequently am. Perhaps another member 


If you mean Palmer Cord tyre decals, Bob Pearson produced some once upon 
a time, but I don't know if he has anu left. Am I right in thinking his Alps 
printer eventually went to Printer Heaven?

There has been the occasional other producer of these types of decals, 
but as by now normal for me I can't remember who or when. Perhaps other 
listees whose RAM still functions can help out.

I've packed my stash since I'm moving house soon so can't check, but do 
the Roden DH4s have the lettering on the tyres as raised detail, or is it 
just absent. If raied you could of course drybrush it.

And also welcome to the group.

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