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Another alternative would be to include a flight crew cast in lead, or tungsten. Also, Fear not the PE booms, Tom. They went off without a hitch. 
Or 'on' without a hitch, more accurately. 

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     When I built my Voisin, I used a combination of stretched sprue for some applications ( under-wing Xs, control cables) and invisible thread for longer runs where tautness was a concern.

     I did not weight the front end. I used a small hook on the display base to hold the front axle, although I have seen photos of these planes with the tail sitting on the skid.

     Some one on the list suggested to me afterwards that I could have made the entire nacelle bottom from a piece of soft metal and that sounded like a plausible idea. Substituting styrene parts for the kit's brass tail would also help tip the balance.

                                                                 J.R. Boye

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There was just an tip in FSM on using “Pinewood Derby” tungsten weights as Tungsten is  1.8 times denser than lead.They have BBs, putty and weight blocks.http://www.pinewoodpro.com/pinewood-derby-tungsten-weights.htmGoogle “Pinewood derby” for vendors all over.-          Brian From: wwi-bounces at wwi-models.org [mailto:wwi-bounces at wwi-models.org] On Behalf Of tom.mason at charter.net
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Subject: Re: [WWI] A couple of questions I was thinking of putting lead between the cockpit and engine and possibly a thin sheet for the floor of cockpit? Tom 
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