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Hi Tom,
I think I built the Voisin for a customer back before the great flood of '05, and seem to remember it sitting on the tail without nose weights. He was using it for a game token so it didn't really matter in this case. If memory serves, Flashback may even provide a clear plastic crutch so it sits on the nose wheels.  
But you don't really have any good place to hide the weight, so you have to use something really dense, like a tiny scrap of a collapsed star, or something similar.
Bon apetit.
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Subject: [WWI] A couple of questions

For my next build I contemplating building Flashback's 1/72 Voisin 3 or Omega Models 1/72 Farman F-XI bis "Shorthorn" Does anyone have any experience building either of these kits and can tell me anything I need to watch for? With the Voisin 3 do I need to put weight in the nose so it doesn't sit on its tail? With the Shorthorn I am thinking of using stretched sprue for all the rigging so I don't have to drill 20 million holes, just attach with superglue and tighten with a little heat. Any advice would be helpful.
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