[WWI] Bud's Nieuport 11

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Very nice as usual Bud.  I think that 4 color camouflage is outstanding.  Your work always sets a high standard for the rest of us.


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Glad you posted these Bud. Probably my all time 
favorite aircraft, I currently have 4 in the works but have not got much done on 
them lately. The 4 color camouflage is especially interesting to me, especially 
after Alan Toelle's articles in Windsock a few years back. I personally use 
Model Master Intermediate Blue (WW2 US Navy color) for the outlines, it is a 
perfect match to the blue used on Americal Gryphon and Blue Max French insignia 
[WWI] Bud's 
Nieuport 11
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Done yerse'f proud, me boy! Did you use Misterkit 
especially for the Horizon Blue on the wing 


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