[WWI] A couple of questions

tom.mason at charter.net tom.mason at charter.net
Fri Oct 5 14:20:56 EDT 2012

For my next build I contemplating building Flashback's 1/72 Voisin 3 or 
Omega Models 1/72 Farman F-XI bis "Shorthorn" Does anyone have any 
experience building either of these kits and can tell me anything I need 
to watch for? With the Voisin 3 do I need to put weight in the nose so 
it doesn't sit on its tail? With the Shorthorn I am thinking of using 
stretched sprue for all the rigging so I don't have to drill 20 million 
holes, just attach with superglue and tighten with a little heat. Any 
advice would be helpful.

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